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Artists & Credits

Hayato Matsuo Composer, orchestration
Hayato Matsuo Arranger
Hitoshi Sakimoto Composer
Hitoshi Sakimoto Arranger
Kenichiro Fukui Arranger
Masaharu Iwata Composer
Nobuo Uematsu Composer
Angela Aki Lyrics, vocals & piano
Robin Smith Arranger
Taro Hakase Composer
Yuji Toriyama Composer
Yuji Toriyama Arranger
Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack box cover
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Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack

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Final Fantasy XII: Original Soundtrack summary

Final Fantasy XII OST is the first title in the series by Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story composer Hitoshi Sakimoto. The quality of composition in this four-disc epic is truly outstanding. The soundtrack includes elegant remixes of classic Final Fantasy tunes such as the "Main Theme", "Victory Fanfare", and "Chocobo" song. Most notable for long-time fans of the series is the symphonic remix of Final Fantasy V's rocking "Clash on the Big Bridge". The elegant complexity of tracks like "Giza Plains", "Ashe's Theme", "Eruyt Village", and "Cerobi Steppe" effortlessly pirouette from one astonishing theme to the next, spanning a wide range of lush emotional tones. The energy of astonishing orchestral tracks like "Phon Coast", "Dalmasca Easterland", and "Sky Fortress Bahamut" lend the soundtrack a driving spirit and dizzying energy appropriate for the lofty tale of a sky pirate's adventures. One cannot speak highly enough of the effort and masterful skill poured into this ambitious masterwork. Fans of Hitoshi Sakimoto and Final Fantasy have reason to rejoice.

Notes & Factoids

Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack Track List

Track list translations: FF Music

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist
1 Loop Demo Uematsu
2 Final Fantasy ~FFXII Version~ Uematsu
3 Opening Movie (Theme of FINAL FANTASY XII) [Matsuo]
4 Infiltration  
5 Boss Battle  
6 Auditory Hallucination  
7 Secret Practice  
8 Small Happiness  
9 Royal Capital Rabanastre / City Upper Ground  
10 Penelo's Theme  
11 Dream of Becoming a Sky Pirate  
12 Little Villain  
13 The Dalmasca Estersand  
14 Level Up!  
15 Naivet?  
16 Coexistence (Imperial Version)  
17 Symptoms of Change  
18 Mission Start  
19 Rabanastre Downtown  
20 Mission Failure  
21 Peaceful Determination  
22 The Dalmasca Westersand  
23 Clan Headquarters  
24 Small Bargain  
25 Giza Plains  
26 Separation with Penelo  
27 The Garamscythe Waterway  
28 Sign  
29 Riot Matsuo [Matsuo]
30 Nalbina Fortress Town Area  

Disc 2

track number  Name extended information  Artist
1 The Princess' Vision  
2 The Strike of a Blade  
3 Victory Fanfare ~FFXII Version~ Uematsu
4 Abyss Matsuo [Matsuo]
5 Dark Clouds (Imperial Version)  
6 Promise with Balthier  
7 Game Over  
8 Nalbina Fortress Underground Prison  
9 Barbarians  
10 Battle Drum  
11 Theme of the Empire  
12 Chocobo FFXII Arrange Ver.1 Uematsu
13 The Barheim Passage  
14 Sorrow (Liberation Army Version)  
15 Basch's Reminiscence  
16 Coexistence (Liberation Army Version)  
17 The Skycity of Bhujerba  
18 Secret of Nethicite  
19 Dark Night (Imperial Version)  
20 Speechless Fight  
21 The Dreadnought Leviathan Bridge Matsuo [Matsuo]
22 Challenging the Empire Matsuo [Matsuo]
23 State of Urgency  
24 Agitation (Imperial Version)  
25 The Tomb of Raithwall  

Disc 3

track number  Name extended information  Artist
1 Large Sandsea  
2 Esper Battle  
3 Sorrow (Imperial Version)  
4 Seeking Power Matsuo [Matsuo]
5 Fight to the Death  
6 Jahara, Land of the Garif  
7 Ozmone Plain  
8 The Golmore Jungle  
9 Eruyt Village  
10 You Really Are a Child...  
11 Chocobo ~FFXII Version~ Uematsu
12 A Threat Drawing Near  
13 Clash on the Big Bridge ~FFXII Version~ Uematsu
14 Abandoning Power  
15 The Stilshrine of Miriam  
16 Time of Rest  
17 White Room  
18 The Salikawood  
19 The Phon Coast  
20 Destiny  
21 The Sochen Cave Palace Iwata [Iwata]
22 An Hour of Rest  
23 Neighbourhood of Water  
24 The Mosphoran Highwaste  

Disc 4

track number  Name extended information  Artist
1 The Cerobi Steppe  
2 Esper  
3 The Port City of Balfonheim  
4 Nap  
5 The Zertinan Caverns  
6 Ground of Recollection Matsuo [Matsuo]
7 The Forgotten Capital Matsuo [Matsuo]
8 The Feywood Iwata [Iwata]
9 Ashe's Theme  
10 Giruvegan Enigma  
11 To the Place of Gods  
12 Beginning of the End  
13 To the Summit  
14 The Sky Fortress Bahamut  
15 Shaking Bahamut  
16 Battle for Freedom  
17 The End of Battle  
18 Ending Movie [Matsuo]
19 Kiss Me Good-Bye -featured in Final Fantasy XII- Uematsu & Aki [Fukui] (Aki)
20 Symphonic Poem "Hope" ~FINAL FANTASY XII PV ver.~ Hakase & Toriyama [Toriyama & Smith]
21 Theme of Final Fantsy XII (Presentation Version)  

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