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Artists & Credits

Arnie Roth Conductor, Arranger
Izumi Masuda Performer
Kenichiro Fukui Arranger
Masashi Hamauzu Arranger
Naoshi Mizuta Arranger
Nobuo Uematsu Composer
Shiro Hamaguchi Arranger
Angela Aki Arranger
Angela Aki Performer
Emiko Shiratori Performer
Etsuyo Ota (mezzo-soprano) Performer
Moogles Performer
Motoki Matsuoka Arranger
Naoki Takao Arranger
Prima Vista Philharmonic Orchestra Performer
Rikki Performer
Tetsuya Odagawa (bass) Performer
The Black Mages Performer
Tomoaki Watanabe (tenor) Performer
Yukiko Miyano Arranger
Voices from Final Fantasy Final Fantasy Premium Orchestra Concert box cover
Square Enix
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Voices from Final Fantasy Final Fantasy Premium Orchestra Concert

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Voices from Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy Premium Orchestra Concert summary

Voices from Final Fantasy is a DVD recording of arranged orchestral music from the Final Fantasy series performed live in Yokohama, Japan on February 18, 2006. The music is composed by Nobuo Uematsu and arranged by such renowned musicians as Shiro Hamaguchi, Masashi Hamauzu, and Arnie Roth. Musical director Arnie Roth conducts the orchestra during the two-hour concert, which includes highlights from the twenty-year history of Final Fantasy. Nobuo Uematsu himself serves as emcee.

Voices from Final Fantasy Final Fantasy Premium Orchestra Concert Track List

Track list translations: FF Music


track number  Name extended information  Artist
1 Prelude Uematsu [Miyano]
2 Liberi Fatali Uematsu [Hamaguchi]
3 Fisherman's Horizon Uematsu [Miyano & Hamaguchi]
4 Hymn of the Faith Uematsu [Hamauzu]
5 Suteki da ne (Isn't it wonderful) Uematsu [Hamaguchi] (Rikki)
6 Final Fantasy Doo Wop Medley Uematsu [Takao] (Moogles)
7 A Place to Call Home ~ Melodies Of Life Uematsu [Hamaguchi] (Shiratori)
8 Final Fantasy Uematsu [Hamaguchi]
9 Prima Vista Orchestra Uematsu [Miyano]
10 The Promised Land Uematsu [Fukui]
11 Opening Theme Memoro de la S^tono ~ Distant Worlds Uematsu [Miyano, Hamaguchi & Mizuta] (Masuda)
12 Eyes On Me Uematsu [Matsuoka & Aki] (Aki)
13 Kiss Me Good-Bye Uematsu [Miyano & Fukui] (Aki)
14 Opera "Maria & Draco" Uematsu [Hamaguchi] (Ota, Watanabe & Odagawa)
15 Swing de Chocobo Uematsu [Roth]
16 Advent: One-Winged Angel Uematsu [Fukui & Hamaguchi] (The Black Mages)

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