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Artists & Credits

Nobuo Uematsu Composer
Nobuo Uematsu Arranger
Los Mambo Panchos Arranger
Phat Stylee Arranger
Snow Productions Arranger
The Murderers of Cross Over Arranger
Final Fantasy Mix box cover
NTT Publishing
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Final Fantasy Mix

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Final Fantasy Mix Track List

Track list translations: Square Music, Daryl's Library, Nephtis

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist Time
1 Tina (New View Snow Remix) [Uematsu] Snow Productions 7:33
2 Friends Beats ("Dear Friends" Jeep Remix) [Uematsu] The Murderers of Cross Over 7:20
3 Main Theme Of Final Fantasy IV (Phat Stylee Remix) [Uematsu] Phat Stylee 4:51
4 Prologue... (Arranged Version) Uematsu 4:57
5 Theme of Love (Arranged version) Uematsu 4:20
6 Theme of Love (Arranged version) Uematsu 2:03
7 Restless Moments (Unreleased track) Uematsu 1:47
8 The Sea of Silence (Unreleased track) Uematsu 2:25
9 Matoya (SFC version from Final Fantasy) Uematsu 1:57
10 Mount of Sky Dragon (Unreleased track) Uematsu 2:06
11 Opening Idea - Version 2 (Unreleased track) Uematsu 2:18
12 Flying Ship - Version 2 (Unreleased track) Uematsu 2:00
13 Mambo de Chocobo [Uematsu] Se?or Uematsu and Los Mambo Panchos 3:47
14 The Prelude Crystal Mix [Uematsu] Snow Productions 5:01
15 Final Fantasy Megamix [Uematsu] Snow Productions 6:08

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