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Artists & Credits

Nobuo Uematsu Composer
Chris Strohm Arranger
Chris Tilton Arranger
Dale North Arranger
David Embree Arranger
FFMusic Dj Arranger
Jan van Valburg Arranger
Jonathan Geer Arranger
Matt Stofferahn Arranger
Mike Vafeas Arranger
Mustin Arranger
Nathan McLeod Arranger
Patrick Jacks Arranger
Randy Brown Arranger
Sean Stone Arranger
Stephen Kennedy Arranger
The OneUp Mushrooms Performer
Project Majestic Mix Gold Edition box cover
KFSS Studios
Catalog ID

Project Majestic Mix Gold Edition

Project Majestic Mix: Gold Edition summary

Four years in the making, a project that you could theoretically have heard about as long ago as 1998 and constantly covered by sites like RPGamer, Project Majestic Mix was based on a single person (Stephen Kennedy)'s aspirations to create a professional videogame remix album. It took them long enough, but it also brought forth such other groups like OneUp Studios. The actual album does what most gaming fans would expect it to: remix Nobuo Uematsu's works. The choice of tracks seem the most obvious, though they focus on older games in the series rather than the newer titles, which is a good hint at the remixers' preferences. Songs vary from classical tracks that try to bridge the epic sound that Uematsu often places within his works, to more simple (but more refined) dance, and the occasional completely unique implementations of Dale North. One might take note of the Final Fantasy VII Costa del Sol remix by the OneUp Mushrooms, which is an actual band for the studios of the same name. Sadly, sampling in the more notorious tracks like One-Winged Angel leaves much to be desired, coming off as a half-assed attempt at recreating its grandeur rather than be a unique remix. Other tracks fare much better: the Final Fantasy VI ending theme is hardly a bad listen. Eventually, though, the dance tracks seem to make the most of the remixers' skills, since they probably have the most experience with creating rhythmic, repetitive tracks that don't contain all too much of the professional complexity of an experienced composer - though many of these guys do actually know what they're doing.

Project Majestic Mix Gold Edition Track List

All track list translations were done by staff and contributors unless otherwise stated here.

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist Time
1 Prelude Mustin 5:10
2 Final Fantasy I Main Theme JAXX 2:03
3 Town Dale North 3:51
4 Battle with Gilgamesh Chris Tilton 4:59
5 Within the Giant Stephen Kennedy 3:17
6 Elia, Maiden of the Water Jonathan Geer 4:02
7 Coast of the Sun The OneUp Mushrooms 3:47
8 Anxious Heart Jan van Valburg & Stephen Kennedy 5:52
9 Cayenne Stephen Kennedy 8:04
10 Seymour's Theme Mustin 3:36
11 The Man with the Machine Gun Jan van Valburg 4:14
12 Sealed Door McVaffe 5:38
13 Sentinel Dale North 3:00
14 You're Not Alone! Dale North & Sean Stone 2:47
15 Prelude Sean Stone 4:54

Disc 2

track number  Name extended information  Artist Time
1 Vivi's Theme Stephen Kennedy 5:36
2 Forever Rachel Chris Tilton 4:09
3 Cait-Sith's Theme Randy Brown 2:46
4 Balamb GARDEN Stephen Kennedy 4:26
5 Final Fantasy IV Main Theme Stephen Kennedy 5:34
6 One-Winged Angel Randy Brown 4:21
7 Within the Giant (Remix) Stephen Kennedy 6:01
8 Rydia Matt Stofferahn 5:15
9 Compression of Time Stephen Kennedy 3:47
10 Elia, Maiden of Water (instrumental) Jonathan Geer 4:12
11 Eternal Wind Mister G & FFMusic Dj 4:59
12 Ending Theme Chris Tilton 13:55
13 Forever Rachel (Alternate version) Jan van Valburg 6:16

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