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Artists & Credits

Hiroki Kikuta Composer
Kenji Ito Composer
Masaharu Iwata Composer
Mitsuto Suzuki Arranger
"Last Battle" from Romancing SaGa 2
Nobuo Uematsu Composer
Noriko Matsueda Composer
Ryuji Sasai Composer
Yasunori Mitsuda Composer
Yoko Shimomura Composer
Square Enix Battle Tracks  Vol.1 box cover
Square Enix
Catalog ID
Retail Price
2000 Yen

Square Enix Battle Tracks Vol.1

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Square Enix Battle Tracks Vol.1 Track List

Track list translations: Game Music Revolution

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist
1 Final Fantasy (Famicom) 1987 "Battle Scene" Nobuo Uematsu
2 Hanjuku Eiyuu (Famicom) 1988 "Battle" Nobuo Uematsu
3 Final Fantasy II (Famicom) 1987 "Battle Scene 2" Nobuo Uematsu
4 Makatoushi SaGa (GameBoy) 1989 "Battle" Nobuo Uematsu
5 Final Fantasy III (Famicom) 1990 "This is the Last Battle" Nobuo Uematsu
6 SaGa 2 Hihou Densetsu (GameBoy) 1990 "Lethal Strike" Kenji Ito
7 Seiken Densetsu ~Final Fantasy Adventure~ (GameBoy) 1990 "Battle 1" Kenji Ito
8 Final Fantasy IV (Super Famicom) 1991 "Battle with the Four Fiends" Nobuo Uematsu
9 Jikuu no Hasha SaGa 3 (GameBoy) 1991 "Fight!" Ryuji Sasai
10 Romancing SaGa (Super Famicom) 1992 "Battle 1" Kenji Ito
11 Final Fantasy V (Super Famicom) 1992 "Clash on the Big Bridge" Nobuo Uematsu
12 Seiken Densetsu 2 (Super Famicom) 1993 "Danger" Hiroki Kikuta
13 Final Fantasy USA Mystic Quest (Super Famicom) 1993 "Battle 1" Ryuji Sasai
14 Romancing SaGa 2 (Super Famicom) 1993 "Battle with Kujinshi" Kenji Ito
15 Final Fantasy VI (Super Famicom) 1994 "Dancing Mad" Nobuo Uematsu
16 Live A Live (Super Famicom) 1994 "MEGALOMANIA" Yoko Shimomura
17 Front Mission (Super Famicom) 1995 "Rage! Rage! Rage!" Yoko Shimomura
18 Chrono Trigger (Super Famicom) 1995 "Battle" Yasunori Mitsuda
19 Seiken Densetsu 3 (Super Famicom) 1995 "Nuclear Fusion" Hiroki Kikuta
20 Romancing SaGa 3 (Super Famicom) 1995 "Four Demon Nobles Battle 1" Kenji Ito
21 Bahamut Lagoon (Super Famicom) 1996 "Mid Boss Battle" Noriko Matsueda
22 Gun Hazard (Super Famicom) 1996 "GENOCE" Nobuo Uematsu
23 Rudra no Hihou (Super Famicom) 1996 "Battle for the fields" Ryuji Sasai
24 Treasure Hunter G (Super Famicom) 1996 "GO! GO! Kids" Masaharu Iwata
25 Romancing SaGa 2 "Last Battle" Remix Kenji Ito, Mitsuto Suzuki

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