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Nobuo Uematsu Composer
Potion~Relaxin' with Final Fantasy~  box cover
Square Enix
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Potion~Relaxin' with Final Fantasy~

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Potion~Relaxin' with Final Fantasy~ Track List

Track list translations: Square Enix Music

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information 
1 Tina
2 Kids Run Through the City
3 Elia, the Maiden of Water
4 Melody of Lute
5 Eyes on Me
6 Tenderness in the Air
7 Fragments of Memories
8 Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV
9 Balamb Garden ?`Ami
10 Lenna's Theme
11 The Successor
12 Music Box
13 Theme of Love
14 Aeris' Theme
15 Welcome to Our Town
16 Troian Beauty
17 Dear Friends

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