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Artists & Credits

Nobuo Uematsu Composer
Noriko Matsueda Composer
One track
Yasunori Mitsuda Composer
Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version box cover
NTT Publishing
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Original track list

Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version

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Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version Track List

All track list translations were done by staff and contributors unless otherwise stated here.
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Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist
1 Premonition  
2 Chrono Trigger  
3 Morning Sunlight  
4 Peaceful Days  
5 Memories of Green  
6 Guardia Kingdom's Millennial Fair  
7 Gonzalez's Song  
8 A Strange Circumstance  
9 The Wind's Longing  
10 Good Night  
11 Mystery Within the Sea of Trees  
12 Battle  
13 Guardia Castle - Courage and Pride  
14 Huh!?  
15 Manoria Abbey  
16 A Prayer for Those Who Will Walk Down the Road...  
17 Silent Light Uematsu
18 Boss Battle Matsueda
19 Frog's Theme  
20 Fanfare 1  
21 Royal Trial  
22 The Hidden Truth  
23 By a Hair's Breadth  

Disc 2

track number  Name extended information  Artist
1 Desolated World  
2 Riddle of the Past Uematsu
3 Number 16 Ruins  
4 People Who Gave Up the Desire to Live Uematsu
5 Theme of Lavos  
6 The World's Last Day  
7 Johnny and the Roving Robo-Gang  
8 Bike Chase Uematsu
9 Robo's Theme  
10 Factory Ruins  
11 Battle 2  
12 Fanfare 2  
13 The Brink of Time  
14 Happy Spekkio  
15 Fanfare 3  
16 Groundwaters Uematsu
17 Boss Battle 2  
18 Primeval Mountain Uematsu
19 Ayla's Theme  
20 Rhythm of the Wind, Sky, and Earth  
21 Burn! Bobonga! Uematsu
22 Magus's Castle  
23 Deranged Melody  
24 Clash with Magus  

Disc 3

track number  Name extended information  Artist
1 Singing Mountain  
2 Tyran Castle Uematsu
3 Into the Depths of the Night  
4 Time Corridor  
5 Zeal Palace  
6 Schala's Theme  
7 The Sealed Door Uematsu
8 Undersea Temple  
9 Chrono and Marle - A Distant Promise  
10 Epoch - The Wings That Cross Time  
11 The Black Dream  
12 Determination  
13 World Revolution  
14 Last Battle  
15 Festival of the Stars  
16 Epilogue - To Good Friends  
17 To the Outskirts of Time  

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