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Artists & Credits

Kenji Ito Composer, Performer
"Field of Memories" track from Romancing SaGA: Minstrel Song
Nobuo Uematsu Composer
Also performed on organ
Alexander O. Smith Lyrics
Composed lyrics for the track "The Skies Above"
Alexander O. Smith Performer
Keiji Kawamori Performer, Bass guitar
Kenichiro Fukui Arranger
Also performed on synthesiser, organ, piano, and guitar
Michio Okamiya Guitarist
Michio Okamiya Arranger
Tsuyoshi Sekito Guitarist
KAZCO Performer
The Black Mages II ~The Skies Above~ box cover
Universal Music
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The Black Mages II ~The Skies Above~

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The Black Mages II: The Skies Above summary

The Black Mages II incorporates less variety than its predecessor, but also does a better job of selecting the "favourites". Let's face it, no one was looking forward to a remix of Seymour's Theme, whereas Otherworld, Zeromus, Man with a Machine Gun, and Maybe I'm a Lion are far more appropriately angled considering the fandom existing for those tracks. And with one new track at the end of the album, perhaps this indicates a future variety from the Black Mages that releases it from the grip of Final Fantasy - especially now that Uematsu has left to form his own company.

Notes & Factoids
  • The Black Mages published a seperate blog titled The Blog Mages to keep track of the development associated with the final development stages and pre-release of the album. It's whacky and in Japanese.

    (Rahul Choudhury)
  • Track No. 11, "Blue Blast - Winning the Rainbow" was created for Japanese boxer Takehiro Murahama. It's his entrance music to the ring.

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The Black Mages II ~The Skies Above~ Track List

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Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist
1 The Rocking Grounds [Sekito] (Sekito, Uematsu, Kawamori, Hanyuda)
2 Zeromus [Fukui] (Sekito, Fukui, Kawamori, Hanyuda)
3 Vamo 'alla Flamenco [Sekito] (Sekito, Uematsu, Kawamori, Hanyuda)
4 Hunter's Chance [Sekito] (Sekito, Uematsu, Fukui, Kawamori, Hanyuda)
5 Otherworld [Okamiya] (KAZCO, Okamiya, Uematsu, Fukui, Kawamori, Hanyuda)
6 Matoya's Cave [Sekito] (Sekito, Okamiya, Uematsu, Kawamori, Hanyuda)
7 The Man With the Machine Gun [Fukui] (Sekito, Okamiya, Fukui, Kawamori, Hanyuda)
8 Maybe I'm A Lion [Okamiya] (Okamiya, Sekito, Uematsu, Kawamori, Hanyuda, Alexander O. Smith)
9 The Battle With the Four Fiends [Sekito] (Sekito, Uematsu, Kawamori, Hanyuda)
10 The Skies Above [Fukui] (Mr. Goo, Sekito, Fukui, Kawamori, Hanyuda)
11 Blue Blast - Winning the Rainbow [Fukui] (Fukui, Sekito, Kawamori, Hanyuda)

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