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Artists & Credits

Emiko Shiratori Lyrics
Kazushige Nojima Lyrics
Keiji Kawamori Synthesizer programmer
Nobuo Uematsu Composer
Shiro Hamaguchi Arranger
Takeharu Ishimoto Synthesizer programmer
Aki Kuroda Arranger
Aki Kuroda Piano
Eiji Shimamura Drums
Jim Ediger Arranger
Jim Ediger Fiddles & other instruments
Keisuke Ohta Solo violin
Naoki Watanabe Electric bass
Rikki Performer
Rikki Composer
Rikki Lyrics
Takahiko Ishikawa Acoustic guitar
Takashi Kato's Group Strings
Tetsuya Mashine Acoustic Bass
Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra Performer
Yuji Hasegawa Acoustic guitars
Final Fantasy X Suteki da ne box cover
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Final Fantasy X Suteki da ne

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Notes & Factoids
  • 'Pure Heart' is a beautiful vocal rendition of Aeris' Theme. The song has Rikki's folk touch all over it, and it sounds really good. Uematsu apparently asked Rikki to perform this song, as he had always wanted to do this.

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Final Fantasy X Suteki da ne Track List

Track list translations: Nephtis

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist Time
1 Suteki da ne (Isn't it wonderful) Uematsu & Nojima [Hamaguchi] (Rikki, Ishikawa, Watanabe, Shimamura, Ohta, Takashi, Ishimoto) 5:37
2 The Moon ~Utikisama~ Rikki [Kuroda] (Rikki, Kuroda) 4:25
3 Pure Heart Uematsu, Shiratori [Ediger] (Rikki, Hasegawa, Mashine, Ediger, Kawamori) 4:55
4 Suteki da ne (Isn't it wonderful) (Instrumental Version) Uematsu [Hamaguchi] (Ishikawa, Watanabe, Shimamura, Ohta, Takashi, Ishimoto) 5:38

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