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Artists & Credits

Nobuo Uematsu Composer
Noriko Matsueda Composer
Takahito Eguchi Composer
Alexey Yemtsov Performer
Joe Hisashi Composer
Journeys on a Piano Alexey Yemtsov box cover
Eminence Group
Catalog ID
Retail Price
$30 (AUD)

Journeys on a Piano Alexey Yemtsov

Journeys on a Piano: Alexey Yemtsov summary

This CD contains performances from Eminence Symphony Orchestra's Piano Stories III. The concert in true Eminence style showed off both Final Fantasy and anime powerhouse Studio Ghibli pieces.

All of the pieces were played with precision, much to the delight of piano fans. Alexey Yemtsov is one of Australia's greatest pianists, and it shows. The CD was sold at both the Melbourne and Sydney performances. It is hoped the album will be available online in the future.

Notes & Factoids

Journeys on a Piano Alexey Yemtsov Track List

All track list translations were done by staff and contributors unless otherwise stated here.

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist Time
1 One Summer's Day Hisashi 4:22
2 Tifa's Theme Uematsu 4:40
3 Suteki da ne (Isn't it Beautiful) Uematsu 4:46
4 Aeris' Theme Uematsu 4:11
5 From the Cave's Nightmare Matsueda & Eguchi 0:57
6 Ending Theme Uematsu 6:23
7 Melodies of Life Uematsu 3:57
8 The Wind of Life Hisashi 4:20
9 Vamo'alla Flamenco Uematsu 2:43
10 Those who Fight Uematsu 4:12
11 Eyes on Me Uematsu 3:43
12 Ami Uematsu 3:43
13 Ashitaka & San Hisashi 4:24
14 Two Hearts Not Captured Uematsu 4:25

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