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Artists & Credits

Yoko Shimomura Composer
Nobuo Uematsu Composer
Utada Hikaru Composer
Yoko Shimomura Composer
Yoko Shimomura Arranger
Alan Menken Composer
Danny Elfman Composer
Geoffrey Zanelli & Hans Zimmer Composer
Jimmie Dodd Composer
Kaoru Wada Arranger
Klaus Badelt Composer
Richard M. Sherman & Robert B. Sherman Composer
Utada Hikaru (vocals) Performer
Kingdom Hearts II Original Soundtrack box cover
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Kingdom Hearts II Original Soundtrack

Kingdom Hearts II: Original Soundtrack summary

Shimomura is back, drawing upon her compositions from last time and from Final Mix, she has brought the musical world of Kingdom Hearts II to a new level entirely. The world of Disney and Square has been melded together with such flair the world embraced it, now KH II is set to go beyond what the original title ever could. The music is certainly showing this, some of Shimomura's compositions are wonderfully arranged into orchestrations by Kaoru Wada, better known for her anime compositions for Inuyasha and Samurai 7. Shimomura seems to be setting up common themes and traits within her soundtracks for KH, with some rather familiar titles back, but this time rearranged and far better. She thrusts hard piano into her work, with more chorus, and more hard beats. Some rather disturbing tracks that resemble the Gummi Ship music are present too, but we already knew about that.

"He's a Pirate" clearly from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is a welcome addition, as is the music from Tron. The album clearly sets up some new themes and draws heavily upon old to create a new chapter in the universe of Kingdom Hearts. Utada Hikaru is back for more with her title "Passion", which again is broken up into an opening and closing title, and an orchestrated version courtesy of Wada. Other similarities include another orchestral credits piece, and the addition of One-Winged Angel.

All in all the album does exactly what it needs to, evokes the previous story while creating new threads. Add that to the awesome orchestrations from Wada and you've got yourself a soundtrack that's even better than the previous one, well worthy of the game.

Kingdom Hearts II Original Soundtrack Track List

Track list translations: Square Music

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information  Artist Time
1 Dearly Beloved Shimomura [Wada] 2:22
2 Passion (Orchestral Version) Hikaru [Wada] 3:41
3 Passion ~opening version~ Hikaru 4:24
4 Lazy Afternoons Shimomura 1:40
5 Sinister Sundown Shimomura 1:14
6 The Escapade Shimomura 1:17
7 Dive into the Heart -Destati- Shimomura 1:49
8 Fragments of Sorrow Shimomura 1:16
9 Tension Rising Shimomura 1:34
10 Kairi Shimomura 0:54
11 Missing You Shimomura 1:53
12 The 13th Struggle Shimomura 1:44
13 Roxas Shimomura 1:18
14 Sora Shimomura 1:29
15 The Afternoon Street Shimomura 1:36
16 Working Together Shimomura 1:30
17 Friends in my Heart Shimomura 1:01
18 Magical Mystery Shimomura 0:52
19 A Twinkle in the Sky Shimomura 0:57
20 Hollow Bastion Shimomura 2:08
21 Scherzo Di Notte Shimomura 1:19
22 Laughter and Merriment Shimomura 1:06
23 Desire for All That Lost Shimomura 1:26
24 Organization XIII Shimomura 1:22
25 Gearing Up Shimomura 0:58
26 Shipmeisters' Rhapsody Shimomura 2:00
27 Blast Off! Shimomura 0:39
28 Asteroids Away! Shimomura 1:16
29 Crossing the Finish Line Shimomura 0:41
30 Waltz of the Damned Shimomura 1:07
31 Dance of the Daring Shimomura 1:04
32 Hesitation Shimomura 1:10
33 Dance to the Death Shimomura 1:47
34 Beauty and the Beast Menken 0:46
35 The Home of Dragons Shimomura 1:32
36 Fields of Honor Shimomura 1:16
37 Apprehension Shimomura 1:17
38 Vim and Vigor Shimomura 1:28
39 Cloudchasers Shimomura 1:39
40 Olympus Coliseum Shimomura 1:39
41 The Underworld Shimomura 1:23
42 What Lies Beneath Shimomura 1:29
43 Villains of a Sort Shimomura 0:53
44 The Encounter Shimomura 1:32
45 Mickey Mouse Club March Dodd 1:15
46 A Walk in Andante Shimomura 0:55
47 Monochrome Dreams Shimomura 1:04
48 Old Friends, Old Rivals Shimomura 0:56
49 Floating in Bliss Shimomura 1:31
50 Winnie the Pooh Sherman x2 1:38
51 Bounce-O-Rama (Speed up version) Shimomura 1:39

Disc 2

track number  Name extended information  Artist Time
1 Isn't It Lovely? Shimomura 1:42
2 Let's Sing and Dance! Shimomura 0:30
3 Swim This Way Shimomura 2:21
4 Part of Your World Menken 1:47
5 Under The Sea Menken 2:05
6 Ursula's Revenge Shimomura 2:15
7 A New Day is Dawning Shimomura 2:09
8 Nights of the Cursed Shimomura 1:56
9 He's a Pirate Badelt, Zanelli & Zimmer 1:29
10 The Corrupted Shimomura 1:21
11 Hazardous Highway Shimomura 1:12
12 A Day in Agrabah Shimomura 1:51
13 Arabian Dream Shimomura 1:35
14 This is Halloween Elfman 1:26
15 Spooks of Halloween Town Shimomura 1:20
16 Adventures in the Savannah Shimomura 1:49
17 Savannah Pride Shimomura 1:20
18 Confrontation Shimomura 1:49
19 Space Paranoids Shimomura 1:42
20 Byte Bashing Shimomura 1:20
21 Sinister Shadows Shimomura 1:12
22 The 13th Dilemma Shimomura 1:59
23 Showdown at Hollow Bastion Shimomura [Wada] 0:48
24 One-Winged Angel Uematsu 2:12
25 Battleship Bravery Shimomura 1:42
26 Sacred Moon Shimomura 2:06
27 Deep Dive Shimomura 1:38
28 Riku Shimomura 1:16
29 Courage Shimomura 0:53
30 Disappeared Shimomura 2:22
31 A Fight to the Death Shimomura 2:03
32 Darkness of the Unknown Shimomura 4:33
33 Passion ~after the battle~ Hikaru 5:59
34 Fantasia alla marcia for piano, chorus and orchestra Shimomura [Wada] 7:45
35 Destiny Islands Shimomura [Wada] 1:10
36 Hand in Hand Shimomura [Wada] 0:40
37 Dark Horizons Shimomura [Wada] 1:30
38 Dearly Beloved -Reprise- Shimomura [Wada] 1:28

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