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Artists & Credits

Jeremy Soule Composer
Guild Wars Soundtrack box cover
Catalog ID

Guild Wars Soundtrack

Guild Wars Soundtrack Track List

Track list translations: DirectSong

Disc 1

track number  Name extended information 
1 Opening Theme
2 Autumn in Ascalon
3 Mhenlo's Theme
4 Over the Shiverpeaks
5 Eye of the Storm
6 Prince Ruik's Theme
7 Sands of Kryta
8 The Door of the Komalie
9 The Moment of Truth
10 Devona's Theme
11 Cynn's Theme
12 Eve's Theme
13 Abaddon's Mouth
14 Crystal Oasis
15 Gwen's Theme
16 Ashford Abbey
17 Aidan's Theme
18 Guilds at War
19 Hall of Heroes
20 The Rift
21 Whitman's Folly
22 Tasca's Theme
23 Ascension Song
24 Temple of Tolerance
25 Althea's Theme
26 The Charr
27 The Great Northern Wall
28 Droknar's Forge
29 The First Light
30 The Elementalist
31 A Warrior's Heart
32 Beyond the Ocean

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