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Dragon Quest IX guide / Alchemy

In Dragon Quest IX, you will be able to combine weapons, armor, items and alchemy materials to create new and more powerful things. This includes new weapons, armor, accessories and items. Some of the most powerful equipment can only be acquired through alchemy.

You will be able to use alchemy once you receive the Krak Pot. It will be located at the Inn in Stornway. Receiving the Krak Pot is a triggered event that occurs as you progress through the story and visit the Inn in Stornway. Don't worry, you won't miss it.

There are two ways to go about creating new stuff. You can use recipes or you can "Try your luck". In trying your luck, you can just attempt to combine whatever items you feel like. However note that unless the combined items match a valid recipe, the result will be nothing (although you do not lose your materials). Trying your luck is handy since you will be able to create things that you haven't found the recipe for by using the recipes shown in this guide.

Using recipes is easier since you do not have to manually locate the items you wish to combine, however, you must first find the recipes. Recipes can be found by searching bookshelves around the world. You will always find a group of recipes together, so it doesn't take too long to get lots.

There is no chance of failure in creating something. As long as the recipe is valid, you will succeed. The only slight exception to this is with regards to ultimate equipment (5 star equipment). They can only be acquired while attempting to create their predecessor and there is some luck involved. You have a 20% chance to create the ultimate equipment instead of the one you were trying for. The equipment that this applies to will be mentioned in the list.

  • Graciously compiled from Zaraf's Alchemy Recipe Guide v1.2. Text version
  • Icons courtesy of Dragon's Den, the web's best DQ series portal.

















Body Armor







There are 22 Alchemiracle recipes in the game. An Alchemiracle recipe is identical to another recipe, except that you only have a chance of getting the better item. If that chance fails, you'll get the lesser item.

All Alchemiracle recipes are based around the 4 tiers that the "Ultimate Equipment" can be: you get the 1st Tier from the grotto bosses or from chests deep in the grottos, and then upgrade to 2nd Tier normally and then to either 4th Tier via Alchemiracle or 3rd Tier if you fail. You can always reset a 3rd Tier to 1st Tier using a Reset Stone to try again if you fail. An Alchemiracle recipe will save the game before it tells you the result, so you cannot simply shut off the DS and try again.

Also, all Alchemiracle recipes require 3 Agates of Evolution and 3 Orbs, the colour of which depends on the precise item you're upgrading. These orbs are rewards from the Legacy Bosses. Further details on all of this can be found below in the and in the Bestiary guide's section on Legacy Bosses.

Each Alchemiracle has a minimum and maximum chance of success. This chance of success is based on the Hero's *stats*. Each 4th Tier item is aligned to a particular stat, and the recipe will demand a certain amount of this in order to give you a bonus to success. Let's look at a quick example.

The Hypernova Sword is aligned with Strength. The recipe has a success rate of 10% to 40%, with the stat range for this success rate being 300-999. If you have 300 Strength or less, you get the absolute minimum rate of 10%. If you have 999 Strength, you get the absolute maximum rate of 40%. If you have something in between, like 500 Strength, then you get a value linearly between the two values: 18.58% in this case, which is then rounded down to 18%.

Krak Pot will give you an estimate of this percentage, but he will, in fact, round down the percentage *further* to the next 10%. So instead of 18%, Krak Pot will tell you he thinks it has a 10% chance of success. In this case, he is being misleading: you have a much greater chance of success. But that's as far as it goes: there are no other normal ways that you can increase your chance of success.

The table below summarizes the all of the data. The table is divided into three sections, the first has a stat range of 300-999 and a chance of 10%-40%, the second section has a stat range of 300-999 and a chance of 10%-50%, and the third section has a stat range of 300-700 and a chance of 20%-50%.

From the data above, the following formulas can be derived to determine your chance of success. There are three formulas, one for each of the sections of the table. Note that these formulas do not work for values less than 300, since the chance is simply set to 10% as the minimum. Also, for Formula #3, the Stat Range peaks at 700, and beyond that the chance is simply set to 50%.

These formulas are very simple, but these are for those who are not very mathematically inclined.

Formula #1 - Stat Range 300 to 999, Chance Range 10% to 40%
Chance = 0.0429 * PrimaryStat - 2.87
Formula #2 - Stat Range 300 to 999, Chance Range 10% to 50%
Chance = 0.0572 * PrimaryStat - 7.16
Formula #3 - Stat Range 300 to 700, Chance Range 20% to 50%
Chance = 0.075 * PrimaryStat - 2.5

Here is an example of how to use the formulas:

If you are making the Hypernova Sword, which has a primary stat of Strength, and your hero has a strength stat of 500, then you would use Formula #1 since the Hypernova sword has a Stat Range of 300 to 999 and a Chance Range of 10% to 40%. Then the formula would be:

Chance = 0.0429 * (500) - 2.87 => 21.45 - 2.87 = 18.58

Since the chance is determined as a whole number, just round down (or truncate)

18.58 => 18 => 18% chance of success
Item NameStat RangePrimary StatChance
Hypernova Sword300 - 999Strength10% - 40%
Red-hot Poker300 - 999Magical Mending10% - 40%
Dynamo Dagger300 - 999Deftness10% - 40%
Aurora Staff300 - 999Magical Might10% - 40%
ber Gringham Whip300 - 999Magical Might10% - 40%
Coma Cudgel300 - 999Magical Mending10% - 40%
Xenlon Claws300 - 999Agility10% - 40%
Dire Critical Fan300 - 999Charm10% - 40%
Galaxy Axe300 - 999Strength10% - 40%
Starsmasher300 - 999Resilience10% - 40%
Galaxarang300 - 999Agility10% - 40%
Seraph's Bow300 - 999Deftness10% - 40%
Soul Sucker300 - 999Resilience10% - 50%
Heavenly Helm300 - 999Resilience10% - 50%
Legendary Armour300 - 999Resilience10% - 50%
Exotoga300 - 999Charm10% - 50%
Seraph's Robe300 - 999Magical Mending10% - 50%
Sol Invictus Gauntlets300 - 700Strength20% - 50%
Godly Gloves300 - 700Deftness20% - 50%
Infinity Trousers300 - 700Magical Might20% - 50%
Boots of Beatitude300 - 700Strength20% - 50%
Sentient Sandals300 - 700Agility20% - 50%

The values listed on the Attributes page for your Hero are the ones that are used. This means that changing your job temporarily can increase your chances, as can anything that modifes your base values.

Alchemiracle chances are based on the Hoimi Table and uses the same types of random output as Grotto Drop Chances, so you can use the Hoimi Table to help, if you wish. I will not cover the details of doing so here.

Finally, please note that the chances of an Alchemiracle do *NOT* increase if it's your birthday, or if you happen to get a Red Slime or Metal Slime on your loading screen. You will still have the same percentage chances as listed above.

Revocations don't add even a single percentage to your success rate with Alchemiracles. It's all tied to your stats (so some of the Revocation *Accessories* can help, naturally).

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